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October 2005

From 18th to 19th October 2005 the International Conference on Free and Open Source Software “Smooth integration of Open Source Software into existing software environments” was held in Lusaka/Zambia in Taj Pamodzi hotel.
On behalf of InWEnt gGmbH, HP organised the Presentations and the Technical Equipment for this conference.
Some 100 ITC experts from Angola, Kenia, Malawi, Mosambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia joined this two day event.

A selected number of it@ab network IT-Experts who were trained during the last years by InWEnt demonstrated a multiplicity of OSS Software solutions as an alternative to proprietary solutions. Coordination and preparation with the IT-Experts was done online.
The Conference demonstrated that OSS can smoothly being intergrated into existing solutions.

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