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  •  Saturday, 3rd April 2004


  •   Classroom (Bürgerhaus March)


  •  Analysing Computers and its harddisks
    (presented by Armin Reese)

Being equipped with Highend-Barebone, external Firewire-cases, several harddrives, numerous cables and the "mouse-pusher-licence" for Encase - chief detective Armin Reese was well-prepared for the workshop in March-Buchheim. The IT@ab participants from InWEnt and IT-experts from the local area, some future internship providers were invited.
The topic: Analysing Computers and its harddisks

Armin Reese is police investigator for computer crimes. During the workshop he was giving the participants an introduction to his daily job.
The theoretical, one-hour presentation of harddisk-geometry at the beginning demonstrated that a large spectrum of technical knowledge is needed to being able to successfully discover traces.

The analysis of the slack-area and the unallocated clusters brought back most secret and interesting facts.
To make it short: It was a highly interesting workshop. This was proven by several requests for more internship places in that subject.
After the workshop, the participants met for the usual discussion with German white beer and barbeque.