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September 2005

HP held a workshop on COSGov Conference in Vietnam. His topic: “System And Network Security”

The CosGov Conference was held from 28-30 September 2005 in the Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi.
Organized and accomplished by InWEnt , the Vietnamese Institute of Information Technologies IOIT and French Institut INRIA, financed by European Union ASIA IT&C program and German government.

Since 2004 Vietnamese Government boosted and supported the spreading of OSS in Vietnam.

The CosGov Conference targeted the cooperation across international professionals from the OSS-Communities and their local and national
representatives, also Vietnamese IT-Experts from private and public sector in the field of OSS for government and public services.
For about 300 IT-Experts there was a wide range of interesting lectures, tutorials and workshops at the three days conference (among others from Linux icon Jon “maddog” Hall)

HP live:
“Before starting the workshop, we have had some hectic hours preparing the classroom with a highly motivated Vietnamese team . Ok, we have had some language barriers, because besides “xin chào”, what means “hello”, I wasn't able to speak any Vietnamese. But we handled all our problems together in English and somehow we got the training room running.

I asked myself how many people would join my workshop. Result: Full house!

It was a totally new experience for me, that I held my workshop with simultaneous translation. Tien, one of the students from InWent`s first it@asia project was my great helping hand by doing so. And without any
testing in advance, we did a great job together.

My conclusion: A successful workshop with highly motivated participants!

It was a pleasure for me.”


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