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Security and Forensic Training in Tanzania

January/February 2007

With big thirst of knowledge and with big enthusiasm 35 participants from investigation authorities learned a lot about e-security in a two week training conducted by HP.

By using famous Open-Source-Security-Tools like IPCop, Snort, Nessus, Sniffers and others, participants collected first experiences with the Kubuntu Distribution.

In the facilities of the "Institute of Tax Administration" in Dar es Salaam HP conducted a two week forensics hands-on-workshop with 21 participants. Most of them joined already the security training in August and received now a forensic upgrade on X-Ways Forensics.

The participants were highly motivated and they enjoyed to learn about the new product.

The social highlight was an excursion to Old Bagamoyo and Kaole where the group visited the historic Arabic buildings and graves. Thereafter the mangroves with a crocodile farm was visited.