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HP's IT Security training with Agumba Computers Limited

February 2006

In cooperation with Paul Koyi, CEO of Agumba Computers Ltd, HP organized a 2 week IT security training. The training took place in Oceanic Bay Hotel in Bagamoyo from January 23rd to February 03rd.

The 24 participants, all of them IT experts came from various organizations: Tanzania Police Force, the Presidents IT Departement, several other governmental offices, Banks, Tax investigation, Telecom and few commercial organizations.
For most of them it was their first contact with Linux and the Tux. A special remastered version of Knoppix was helpful to use those unusual command line calls. As always, grep and awk were used and other security topics that were helpful to include Tux software into an environment of
the „other OS“.

Due to the current drought, electricity was daily turned off for eight hours. Fortunately Mr. Koyi anticipatory decided to run the training in Bagamoyo, which was not affected.

A strong demand for additional training is leading to an additional course in August. Furthermore a special Forensic workshop will take place for the IT experts of the Tanzanian Government. We're looking forward to extend this Tux knowhow to Kenya and Uganda.


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