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"Knowledge is common property – only special benefits should be patentable."

„Knowledge is not susceptible to exclusive property"
Thomas Jefferson.

These are some reasons why I have been dedicated for the Open Source movement

I am interested in Computer Science since the very early stage of personal computing.
When Internet became popular, I focused on network security.
Due to my activities with police agencies the topic was extended into forensics.


Short Curriculum Vitae


Name: Hans-Peter Merkel
Born: July 13, 1954 in Freiburg, Germany
Address: Johann-Schillstr. 24, D-79232 March
Phone: +49 7665 912086
Fax: +49 7665 912088



1986-1987 German Federal Armed Forces,
IT-Trainings UNIX/SINUX/LINUX-Systems, programming languages
1985 United States Air Force, Mather AFB, CA, USA
Training "Electronic Warefare"
1980-1984 United States Air Force, USA
Jet flying training, Wichita Falls, TX, USA
Weapons System Officer training, Austin, USA
Navigation training, Sacramento, CA, USA
1976-1980 Diploma (Dipl.Ing.) in Electrical Engineering (Communication Engineering) from German Federal Armed Forces University, Munich


since 2008
Computer forensic expert for law enforcement authorities.
since 2004

Lecturer, University of Cooperative Education, Lörrach, Faculty of Information Technology and Software Technology

since 1994 Freelance IT-Consultant in the field of Networking, Network-Security, Data-Forensic, Open-Source-Technology, IT-Trainings


2011 Linux Magazin 03/2011 "Sleuthkit 3.2"
2011 Linux Magazin 02/2011 "ZFS unter Linux"
2010 Linux Magazin 12/2010 "Forensik CD Caine" (PDF)
2010 Linux Magazin 08/2010 "Penetration Tests mit Metasploit" (PDF)
2010 Linux Magazin 05/2010 "Mobiles Klassenzimmer mit hostapd" (PDF)
2010 Linux Magazin 04/2010 "Virtualisierung mit KVM" (PDF)
2010 Linux Magazin 03/2010 "Metasploit
Autopwn " (PDF)
2010 Linux Magazin 01/2010 "Ghostnet" (PDF)
2009 Linux Magazin 10/2009 "Xmount " (PDF)
2009 Linux Magazin 08/2009 "Afflib" (PDF)
2008 Linux Magazin 06/2008
"Windows Forensik unter Linux"
2008 Linux Magazine Technical Review 06 "Server Based Education"
2008 Linux Magazine 08/2008 "Window Kit"
2008 Linux Magazin 06/2008 "Fenster-Kit"
2008 Open Source Jahrbuch 2008 "Linux4Afrika - Ein Linux-Terminal-Server-Projekt"
2008 FreeX 5/2008 "Mini-Notebook mit Maxi-Linux"
2008 FreeX 4/2008 "Exploits im Hotel"
2008 Speech about Computer-Forensik at Linux Magazin CeBIT-Forum
2008 FreeX 3/2008 "Forensik im Netzwerk"
2008 FreeX 2/2008 "Windows-Paßwörter und Linux"
2008 FreeX 1/2008 "Data recovery with Linux"
2007 Speech about Computerforensik at "SYSTEMS"
2007 FreeX 5/2007 "Electrionic Autopsy"


since 2006 Initiator of the Linux4afrika-Project
since 2004 Co-Founder and Chairman of

(Freiburger-Open-Source Network) a non-profit associa tion
The associations goal is to boost and spread Open-Source-Software on local and international level.

Detailed CV available upon request


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  • there was also :
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