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For once again, Carlos and HP attend the IT@ab participants from InWent to the CeBIT in Hannover.

It was a great pleasure to observe that the topic Open Source was hold dear this year.

Linux-Software could be seen on nearly all stands of "the big ones". (Excluding the company M$, of course). Additional, at the "LinuxForum" stand, interesting lectures were hold, e.g:

„Lohnt sich ein Umstieg von Linux auf Windows?
(Is it profitable to change from Linux to Windows?)

Just in time, Klaus Knopper finished his new KNOPPIX (version 3.4). He presented it every day at the stand of "Heise Verlag", explaining the improvements since the c't edition from magazine 4/04.
The picture above shows him talking to HP.

Heise's stand again:
HP under discussion with c't editor Georg Schnurer being known from the weekly computer TV series of the "Hessischer Rundfunk".