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August 2003, Paulshof in Altlandsberg,
30 km to Berlin.
You don't know it? Actually you don't need to - as long as you are not a computer freak.
It was the second time the "Chaos Communication Camp" took place. Presentations, workshops and projects concerning security and hacking. A must-see for everybody interested in computer knowledge.

"Please connect"

2000 peple followd the call and transformed the horse ranch into a great camp. PC's, notebooks or network cables everywhere you looked.
A persons' age or natioanality were irrelevant. Everybody was just interested in one thing: What's the news in the IT and security-sector?
To make a long story short: Whatever Woodstock has once been, three cheers for Cyberwood!

The program for the confernce was multifaceted. TCG (the former TCPA), Digital-Rights-Management-Systeme and it's effects on Open-Source-Software or the innovations in the security and monitoring systems. Two large Presentation tents have been installed for several topics. Another hundrets small private tents provided the interchange of ideas after the presentations. Or were being used to dwarf - the computers!

But a computer and it's user without electricity seem to be like a horse ranch without horses. The "Chaos Computer Club", organizer of this meeting, provided the neccessary infrastructure: the camp was connected to the Internet by a 65 Mbit/s transmission path. 28 WLAN Points were installed ans about 23 km of cables had to be linked. The Chaos Communication Camp even installed its own radio.

The "Chaos Communication Camp" evolved to the superlatives of the cyber culture. Youngest knowledge was exchanged within a convenient atmosphere. And in the end it was crowned as a success.

We are already waiting for the third part of the event in 2007. There will be thousands of participants again.

August 2003, Paulshof in Altlandsberg,
30 km to Berlin
. From now on this place will be famous - okay, it's just among us computer freak, but it's a beginning!

The „Chaos Communiction Camp“
– ein meeting point for everybody.

It was just dogs, that were not allowd, and - yes, trust your eyes, microwaves. Because they are using the same frequency as the wireless LAN!