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Penguin-boogie in the Black Forest
InWEnt organises a workshop in a timbered-cabin

Friday, March 12th 2004 -12:40:
A public train is leaving Freiburg main station. On board: 17 Africans with 17 notebooks and the same destination. Nope, the destination is not a computer oasis in the hot, dry desert sand. The epic voyage will end in a cabin on Mount Belchen in the Black Forest.

Don't be bemused. Some other readers might be asking themselves the same question: What the hell is this African group intending to do in the snowy southern German woods? The very simple but inconvenient answer is - a computer workshop in an unusual manner.

Located at "Wiedener Eck" is the so-called "Rheinfelder Hütte" which has been transformed into a computer base-camp. Power- and patch cables all over. The extraordinary highlight: Free TDSL-highspeed online access via satellite provided by Mr. Bernd Grunwald, CEO of T-Business Freiburg.
As we all know, an IT specialist without internet connection reminds of a snowman in the rain: After a while it will begin to collapse.

"Wo waren nochmal 19,2° Süden?"
"Where the hell is 19,2° south?"

The initiators of this extraordinary classroom , Hans-Peter Merkel and Carlos Zárate did a great job. They created a platform that assured effective working. Accordingly, the time schedule was voluminous (have a look at the schedule on the right side). Once again, the theory of pedagogues was corroborated: it's easier to lern in a relaxing and convenient atmosphere.

The IT@AB04 students collaborated highly motivated and dedicated. The instructors Hans-Peter Merkel and Markus Schäffauer were entirely satisfacted: "It was a great pleasure doing this workshop. Markus and I were able to examine all topis. Definately due to the great co-operation with all participants. To make it short: The workshop was a great success." That's not only Hans-Peter Merkels position.
InWENT, IT@AB04's lead management can roundly ensure success.

Let's get ready to hack...
Let's get ready to hack...

As it is said: Business before pleasure. And the pleasure part in a cabin in the Black Forest can not be missed out, of course. The combination of snow, sledges and mountains was predestinated for a glissade. For Africa is not well-known for icy winters at all, sledging recieved its premiere: Daredeviled Africans on hot sledges. The legendary bob-team "Jamaika" saluted with well-engineered sledge technics. Now and them a snow-wall had to act as a chock block. But keep cool: All parties concerned are safe and sound. Even the sledges might be used again for the next winter.

Getting in for sports is exhausting, so cabin occupants needed refreshment. This has been in the form of a typically African buffet. Nshima, Ifisashi, Kapenta oder Sweet Potatoes - another type of kickshaw and also instructional for one or the other cabin occupant who did not yet try the Afrcan cuisine: Baked-beans can be really hot. Eating it up one should always prepare a glass of water (or Erdinger).

There is no such thing as a free lunch

"Vor Freude tanzen" (to dance for joy) is a German flowery phrase. However, many cultures express themselves by dancing. Cabin occupants took much pleasure in the "African-Dance". The much-lauded rumor of the African feeling for rhythm was confirmed imposingly once again. Not to mention "The voice" Margaret breaking into song. Goose-skin mood filled the room when she presented "I will always love you". Everybody agreed: "Who the hell is Whitney Houston?"

But that was not yet the whole music part. What comes out when mixing a computer and a beamer? Correct, it's a karaoke machine. Turning it on, searching Draffi Deutscher and Peter Maffay in the archive and soon the African Boys Choir began to belt out "Über sieben Brücken musst du geh'n", practised in their German Training. See, even the "German Country" hits weren't missed out.

Nicht immer verderben viele Köche den Brei - der Beweis
The proof that too many cooks do not always spoil the broth.

Indispensable for such an abode is of course a "Hüttenmutter" who cares for the group's health and needs. An acclamation to Gilla Merkel for the adequate supply all around. Not to mention the "helping hands" Thomas Kümmerle, Jennifer Merkel, Alex and Juri Lüth, the Zárate and Schäffauer families. Felix Ségura, discoverer of 19,2° South for the satellite was given a big hand - without him there would have been no Internet connection.

In the end the mountain rescue service in the form of snowmobile driver Johannes should be mentioned as well. Please don't be in for a shock. He did not arrive for rescue but was a great help in transporting the luggage through the snowy forest. This spared the oppressed participants dragging the bags up the mountain.

Sunday, March 14th 2004 - 14:36: 17 Africans with 17 notebooks enter another public transit bus. Their luggage: A lot of new knowledge and the cognition: The Black Forest is the perfect environment for a workshop. With a lot of business, but also a lot of pleasure...

[Written by Tobias Erlemann]

There were rumors around that the legendary Linux-penguin Tux was contagioned by the good humour and that he boogied on the graphical user interface. Appropriate evidences are being investigated right now.

Time schedule Zeitplan


15:30 – 17:30

Workshop I

  • DSL via Satellite
  • Compiling Linux Kernel for WLAN
  • African group prepares dinner

20:00 – 22:00

Digital Video Recorder Presentation


09:30 – 11:30

Workshop II

  • Hacking servers (practical samples)
  • Securing servers against Hackers
  • Intrusion detection

14:30 – 18:00

Workshop III

  • Sniffing in LAN/WLAN
  • Data recovery and forensic tricks

20:00 – open end

Workshop IV

  • Brainstorming –
    Open Source Server Solutions accompanied by techies and nontechies


09:30 – 11:30

Workshop V

  • Using Knoppix

09:30 – 11:30

Workshop VI

  • Cleaning up the house

The next highlight for the "It@ab04-students" will take place soon. As Cabin guest Bernhard Rein announced, he could arrange a free trip to the Europa Park Rust. To make it short: Straight from the sledge to the roller-coaster. Where will be more adrenaline? We are anxious...